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Faces of post comunism Central and Eastern Europe's

Faces of post comunism Central and Eastern Europe's

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The title of the publication reflects its kontent admirably; far from losie topicality In the course of time, it satisfies even more effectively the need for study of the specifics of the ekstern part of the European Union after the accession of Romania and Bulgaria. In addition, the thematic scope of the test targets the region's core problems such as the issue of social exclusion and the burning problem of the Roma as an atypical ethnic minority, or the problem of the influence of the difficult past or the post-communist countries on their political and social situation today. Another question, specific to this region of Europe is that of the role of intellectuals In building or maintaining national identity. The third part of the volume, adderring the effects of European integration, show very aptly how the process is 'all but spontaneously' changing teritorial realisty contrary to traditional concepts of frontiers
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Rok wydania2007